Why help yourself with link building?

Link building is important for good SEO optimization of the site. Read on to know its uses and purposes. 

To bring today's topic closer, I give an example: a football player standing in a stadium surrounded by a lot of people waiting for the results. Linkbuilding is the match, the linkbuilder is in the role of a football player and people are possible clients.

Meaning and sharing of link building

By itself, link building is a very lengthy process that will guarantee higher traffic to your site stránky. It also works for a higher position of the page in the search engine (Google). 

Link building can be:

  1. Internal - within the framework of linking separate subpages of the main page, facilitates indexing in search
  2. External - collaboration using the Internet or backlinks

MozBar is quite a suitable SEO tool for determining the ranks (PA and DA) of a given page. Before a backlink is inserted there, we will know whether it is a higher quality link or not. The bigger the number, the stronger the link. Ranks from 20+ are often used in Slovakia. Better have more and better links! If the website contains only spam, it will show us the so-called spam score. In that case, it won't pay much for us.


Finding links is sometimes more difficult, sometimes easier. If you have access to the Internet and you see an article or video, please refer to something of your own in the discussion. You may not only be helping yourself. However, some links may not be directly linked. This means they cannot be clicked. Then the observer must first copy it and only then search for it. 

The good news is that it can be done in another way. One article appealed to you, do you see the author, would something of yours be extremely useful in it? Contact him! How you contact him is up to you. But make sure to be original or offer him something in return. 

When will the ideal appear? When people start referring to you, your services, the site on their own company. Providing information is also the goal of Google. 

As for registration in catalogs, many companies do it, but only a few find the right application in marketing. It is necessary to consider what kind of company it is, what the competition is like, the number of visitors, one should not forget about market research.

Got it, but don't know how to do it? We will be happy to help. Contact us!

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