References from clients

You can view and read references from our clients.

With service virtual assistant we are very satisfied, they complete the tasks promptly, on time and with the required quality. We appreciate an active approach even during weekends/holidays if we need to prepare something urgently. I can recommend, very good price/quality ratio.


You can count on Alex. She does all assignments and tasks consistently and on time!

Juraj Saxony / Visibility

Super company, Alex is a perfect saleswoman in every way. Thanks for cooperation!

Ondrej Vrábel /

I am extremely satisfied with Ms. Fifíková. The cooperation has been going on for several months now and I can't fault it. The increase in people interested in my product increased by about 150%, which is a lucrative growth.

Erik Volák / Tatra Capital

We have been working with Alexandra for a few months now and we are satisfied. Quick communication, delivering things on time, responsibility - all the qualities that make her stand out.

Petra Hurajová /

I worked with Alexa a couple of times, we always agreed what to do and she delivered on time and within the budget, with visible results, the only VA I used more than once, we will do business in the future for sure, too. Knows English, Polish, Czech and can arrange other languages, too. 99%

Luciano Rossi / LAO FAIR TRADING

Alexandra is a very valuable colleague for our agency. She is literally our virtual assistant, she is smart, understanding, very fast and flexible. We are glad that we "caught" her before she was fully booked.

Ingrid Kántorová / Bon Júr

I have never experienced someone so young being so hardworking, organizationally competent and efficient. Saša is a pleasure to work with!

Sergej Pavlyuk / OneStory

I started working with Alexandra only recently, but I am extremely satisfied with her approach to the assigned work and communication. She is an independent professional that I can rely on and has done her job to a high standard with the added value of great written communication in emailing and word editing. I believe that in the near future we will expand the cooperation to mutual satisfaction and progress of our businesses. Thank you very much and I look forward to further cooperation! 

Zdenko Šmondrk / REGNO

I rate the cooperation with Alexandra very positively. She is a person with organizational skills, a pragmatic approach and a professional demeanor. She has a very positive approach to solving problems, which was reflected in quick communication and resolution of the situations that arose. She is a born networker. I appreciate her desire to connect and move people. She knows how to create space for mutual cooperation and I look forward to further business-creative meetings.

Martina Čizmadiová / ZenithPeople Consulting

My first experiences are extremely positive. I especially appreciate that what is being talked about is not forgotten and reliably solved. Added value is business empathy and thinking for you as well. All this without pressure, naturally and authentically. I am honored that we can work together.

Martin Drahoš / BEEP Networking Club

Alexandra helped me with getting backlinks and researches on various topics. She always delivers everything on time, so great satisfaction.

Michaela Struhárová /

Speed, efficiency, reliability and responsibility. This is probably how I could briefly evaluate my experience with Alexandra so far. Basically, if you don't have time to devote yourself to other things besides your work, finding a person who will solve everything you need reliably, quickly and efficiently for you is priceless. Responsibility is another nice bonus, which unfortunately is not a standard in this country, but rather a sign of only the best. 

Soňa Markechová / SARIO

All For Us – CARE & HOME

I was very satisfied with the work of this company. The cleaning was done on time, well and at a reasonable price. I can only recommend.

Vojtech Bátora / COLUMBA Real estate company