We don't deal with much, but sufficiently and with the most requested:

  1. Cryptocurrencies. We know about the cheapest crypto wallet on the market! At the same time, various options where you can value money using cryptocurrencies, you will passively learn to mine, resell, buy and change them.
  2. Real estate. We deal with real estate in Slovakia or abroad: Egypt, Albania, Cyprus, Italy and Bulgaria.
  3. Honey.
  4. Austria - MAUERKIRCHEN - monthly income from a rental house. You can invest from EUR 25.
  5. Your investment creates a financial basis for expanding solar energy production in Europe. In the field of photovoltaics, you can invest once from €1000 and regularly from €25/month. Possibility of investing in cash from €50. An annuity can be drawn from €000 - the interest is not credited to the account, but goes directly to the client's account. There is a fixed interest from 50%. Inheritance proceedings can be bypassed, because you can put an available person on the contract.

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