Savings for children: more than 60 euros for 33 euros per month

Saving for and investing in children goes beyond just building a financial nest egg. It's about setting them up for long-term success. Here are some key reasons to start saving!

Early start, big advantage

Compound interest, the magic of money growing over time, becomes significantly more powerful, the sooner you start. Until the end even small regular contributions they can add up to substantial amounts by the time your child reaches adulthood.

Financial literacy

Investing introduces children to financial concepts such as budgeting, saving and understanding risk. This early revelation supports responsible financial habits, from which they will benefit throughout their lives.

Goal setting and accountability

It provides savings tangible goal, which needs to be worked on, whether it is a higher education, dreamy vacation or deposit on sun. This instills a sense of responsibility and teaches valuable goal-setting skills.

Lifelong learning

It supports the process of researching companies and making investment decisions critical thinking and problem solving skills. This learning goes far beyond the realm of finance.

Saving as building a better future

Studies of organizations like UNICEF and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics James Heckman they emphasize the positive social impact of investing in children. Early childhood development programs and quality education lead to healthier and more productive individuals, which contribute to a stronger society.

Savings for children can be established at any time and you can here. As we mentioned above it is best to start as soon as possible. Investing in funds often brings high valuations. The longer you save for your child, the greater appreciation you can expect.

Let's look at an example together!

It is currently family allowance per child in the amount of 60 euros. At first glance, not much, it can be said that a person will not get rich from such an amount and it will not even cover the costs of a child. However, if you save that amount, thanks to investing, you can realistically save 20 euros for your child in 33 years. How did we arrive at this amount? This amount is calculated at the maximum real appreciation of the deposited funds through investing in funds in the amount of 7,5% per year. And that with a total deposit of only 14 euros (400 years x 20 months x 12 euros = 60 euros).

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