LinkedIn: What is it for and what are its benefits?

Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other, LinkedIn is a social network owned by Microsoft. However, unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to help people make business connections, share their experiences and resumes, and find jobs.

Despite of professional focus LinkedIn is quite similar to others social networks. It is based on principles such as connecting with friends, posting updates, sharing and liking content, and messaging other users.

Your profile becomes CV supplemented by work experience, achievements, recommendations and recommendations from colleagues. LinkedIn also offers things you won't find elsewhere, like a full-featured careers panel, where you can search and apply for jobs.

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How can LinkedIn be used?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a tool you can use to enhance your professional networking and job search activities.

Many people use this site to expand their contacts and find career opportunities, and the "Jobs" section of the site is a powerful tool for searching and applying for jobs. There are settings on LinkedIn that allow you to notify that you are actively looking for a job.

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Some people use LinkedIn to improve their professional reputation by posting to a news feed and commenting on other people's posts.

It allows you to search for answers to professional topics, communicate with various professional groups, search for tailor-made employees or, conversely, search for employment. Linkedln is a popular place for recruiters and employers, who can review your professional life so far on this social network.

LinkedIn Premium is a premium version of LinkedIn that adds a bunch of extra features like online professional development courses, visibility into who's viewing your profile, and the ability to instant message anyone on LinkedIn even if they're not in your network.

Why use this social network?

Thanks to it, you can find the ideal job that suits you.

If you are an employer, you can find great employees here.

You can get to know your colleagues better here.

Here you can find contacts that will take you further in your career.

You can also draw inspiration and learn from successful people.

Alternatively, you can find out more information about your business partners.

This social network truly combines the pleasant with the beneficial and improves people's professional lives. Have you tried using LinkedIn in practice? What benefits did it bring you? We will be glad if you share it with us in a comment. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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