CRM systems: why do companies use them?

CRM is an abbreviation of the English Customer Relationship Management, which means relationship management for customers. Essentially, a CRM system provides a central place where businesses can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share that information with colleagues. It enables businesses to manage customer relationships, helping the business grow.

Client management platforms like CRMs bring together all the data from your prospects and customers in one place. CRM consolidates all communications (form fills, calls, emails, texts and meetings), documents, quotes, purchases and tasks associated with each prospect and client. The whole team has access to this data at the right time - for closing a sale or providing excellent service.

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What CRM software provides to companies:

  • Increase sales.
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increase in returning customers.
  • Generating new business opportunities.
  • Clear customer information.
  • Possibility of easy integration of other systems.
  • Low acquisition and operating costs.

How does CRM simplify sales and marketing?

The CRM platform will increase your sales and marketing without having to build huge teams or strain your advertising budget unnecessarily. If your CRM is connected to automation sales and marketing, you can create a sales and marketing tool that takes sales to a whole new level.

CMR can consist of several parts:

  1. operational CRM – serves to automate business activities (sales, service and marketing)
  2. analytical CRM – its task is the collection, storage and analysis of data,
  3. cooperative CRM– it is a group of cooperative services (e.g. e-mail, voice services, video-conferencing) that enable interactions between the customer and the company

In this article, we clarified what CRM systems are and why they are beneficial for companies. In the following, we will introduce some specific software and a little about them. Did you like the article? We would appreciate your feedback!

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